Prickly pear-blackberry sorbet

I love using cactus pear (also called prickly pear or xoconostle) in sorbets. One of the first ice creams I have ever made was actually a prickly pear-orange sorbet back in my sophomore year of college (where I didn’t even have an ice cream machine, just an immersion blender).

For this recipe, I added in blackberries, because they add a nice touch of acidity and tartness into the mixture. It will make the final product taste wonderful. I actually made this sorbet as part of a heaven and hell dessert concept, with a cherry eton mess and black sesame soil; the sorbet represented the devilish nature of hell, since it uses prickly pear and blackberries, two things that I personally feel convey the image of mischief or evil in general.

For the sorbet:
1 prickly pear
1/2 cup blackberries
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
a pinch of salt

Blend ingredient together and strain out the blackberry seeds (I fucking hate getting those stuck in my teeth, and it’s always a tooth in the back of my mouth, so I wind up stabbing the area just above my jaw using a toothpick to get them out). Either freeze solid, blend, and re-freeze, or churn in an ice cream machine and freeze again.

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