My experiences

Now you may be wondering, why trust me or why cook my recipes? And that’s a fair point! I have previously staged and worked for quite a few chefs, including Michelin starred David Myers at Hinoki and the Bird in Century City, James Beard Award winner Frank McClelland at L’Espalier in Boston, Food and Wine’s World’s Best Pastry Chef 2017, Dominique Ansel in Los Angeles, and most recently, recipe testing and development for James Beard Award winning pastry chef, Christina Tosi with her amazingly talented team at Milkbar Los Angeles. I had roles in both the savory and sweet sides of a lot of these stages, internships, and experiences, including garde manger, saucier, prep cook, line cook, butcher, and pastry cook, so you can trust that I am a very well-rounded cook in general when it comes to my work experience.

Beyond my experiences in a restaurant/bakery setting, I was also a Culinary Learning Assistant for the introductory culinary course at Boston University, and the former editor-in-chief for TasteBUds, Boston University’s first and only student-run food publication. As a Learning Assistant, I was in charge of teaching two classes of students the basics of cooking, including everything from knife skills to the mother sauces to even breaking down whole poultry. In my role at TasteBUds, besides leading a team of fifty food writers and photographers, I also tested and published several recipes with the publication, before eventually graduating and starting my own site here!

And most likely, the majority of you guys would probably remember me for being that token Asian from the 10th season of the US version of Masterchef, where I made a cake that was allegedly so good that Gordon Ramsay himself licked the plate clean! I also made top ten for the season, and had the third highest win count and the highest win count out of anyone who did not make the finale. That in particular was something I was actually surprised by, but really proud of! So yes, I do have some street cred, to name off basically all of the reasons why you can trust that my recipes won’t completely suck!