Chawanmushi with edamame, mushrooms, and radishes

So I actually made this dish for my parents on their anniversary. What had happened was that they were out playing golf, but they did not have any dinner plans, or even anything special planned. I didn’t realize this until maybe 4pm, so I decided that I would make them at least something special to help them end their special day on a good note. This chawanmushi was the first course, and probably the only one out of that meal which I’ll post, that I made for them. I had never made it before, but I knew what went into it. I had to get really precise with my measurements, so this recipe will be in grams, but it should be easy to convert. It makes three portions as well. It’s a fairy simple dish, but it is definitely a showstopper in that you have this silky custard with nuggets of umami from the mushrooms, some sweetness from the edamame, and the crunch from a radish

For the custard:
150g egg
100g dashi
27g edamame
27g shiitake
2g salt

Heat up your dashi first in a pot. and then pour it over your eggs while whisking. Season with salt. With the shiitake, julienne it. Distribute the edamame and shiitake into three ramekins, then pour your egg mixture over that. Cover in cling wrap. Steam these in a bamboo steamer for at least 15 minutes, or until the middle barely jiggles, then remove. Allow the custards to come down to lukewarm before removing the cling wrap.

For the radish garnish:
3 radishes, sliced thin on a mandolin
30g edamame
2 tablespoons brown butter
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon rice wine vinegar

Toss together ingredients to form a salad to garnish the top of the custards with.

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