What is Freddy’s Harajuku?

Freddy’s Harajuku is a recipe blog, focused on artistic and delicious dishes. While the main focus is on desserts, there will be savory recipes making occasional appearances, depending on when Freddy feels like it. In terms of what kinds of cuisines you can expect to see, it ranges from European to American to Asian, which are the three main fundamental styles of cuisine that our Harajuku Baker Boy, Freddy, specializes in. Specifically, you can expect to see French, Montenegrin, Italian, Austrian, Portuguese, and German for the European side as well as Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean for the Asian side. American, well, it’s a melting pot, but there will be classic American renditions, such as cakes, pies, burgers, etc. Whatever the dish, and wherever it originated from, it will still come into Freddy’s Harajuku with a unique and beautiful spin on it. That much, I can promise you.

-Fred “Freddy the Harajuku Baker Boy” Chang